Fox Nuts (makhana) and Apple Kheer

Fox Nuts or Makhana are basically Lotus seeds. They are high in Potassium and Magnesium, making them useful for people with high blood pressure. Also they are very high in Calcium, which is great for bone and teeth health.

Usually I make either makhana kheer or apple kheer. But have combined both here and the taste was awesome. A simple yet nutritious kheer that can be made even during fasting periods. Adding in a large amount of dry fruits multiplies the taste many folds.

Ingredients : 

  1. Fox Nuts 60 gms (approx 3 cups. Its very light in weight  so a few extra won’t make a difference)
  2. Red apples medium sized 3, peeled, cored and grated.
  3. Full fat Milk 1 litre
  4. Full cream 1/2 litre
  5. Mixed chopped dry nuts 1 cup( cashew nuts, almonds, raisins, pistachios, chironjis, melon seeds, etc )
  6. Sugar1 cup or according to taste. I use less of it (can substitute with jaggery too )
  7. Green cardamom 4 crushed and pounded to powder
  8. Saffron strands a few, soaked in 2 table spoons of milk
  9. Ghee 1 tea spoon

Preparation Method : 

  1. To begin, we take a large pan with 3 glasses of water and while it comes to a boil, peel and grate the red apples. Add the grated apples to this water immediately so it doesn’t turn brown. Bring it to a boil and allow it to simmer for 5 min. Stir in between so the apples have cooked evenly. Strain the water and allow the apple to cool.
  2. In a different large pan, pour the milk and keep on medium flame.
  3. Take the Fox nuts or makhanas in a mixer/blender and blitz a few times. We don’t want a powder just smaller pieces. If some whole pieces remain, don’t worry, it will get cooked soon. Add this to the milk pan and stir occasionally. 
  4. Add sugar, and raisins. Stir. By now the milk, would have come to a boil and the Makhanas absorb the milk to make it thick. Add in the cream. Stir and once it comes to a boil turn off the flame in 5 minutes. Add in the ghee for flavour.
  5. Add in half the chopped dry fruits. Keep the remaining half for decoration. Tip in the saffron and the milk that it has been soaking in.
  6. Allow at least 45 mins to cool and come to a room temperature. You can keep this mixture and the apple mixture separately in the refrigerator to cool quickly.
  7. To assemble, tip the milk and makhana mixture to a dish, add the cooled apples, and the cardamon powder. Give it a good mix. Decorate with additional dry fruits and a pinch of cardamon powder. 
  8. Chill, and serve the lip smacking kheer. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sangeeta says:

    Thats a very delicious, wholesome and healthy Kheer, with goodness of Makhana, milk, fruits and dry fruits all combined . ❤


    1. Sangeeta says:

      Thats a very delicious, wholesome and healthy Kheer, with goodness of Makhana, milk, fruits and dry fruits all combined . ❤


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